Gothic Home Decor

47Gothic home decor is unique and impressive, and is ideal for people who love creativity and a bit of drama in their lives.
It is also for people who are inclined towards spirituality and yet are very modern and secular in their views.
So, if this description fits you, and you are planning interior decoration, then below are some tips and ideas on the same, which you will find very useful.

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Southwest Style Home Decorating Tips

46Southwest home decorating is popular with people from all backgrounds. When you normally think of this style, you think of deserts, cactus, and saloons. If you are the kind of person who loves simplicity and the beauty of nature, then this style of decorating will suit your home the best.

You can use shades of coral, purple, brown, and blue. The beautiful, saturated colors can be used on the walls. You can blend shades like cactus green with pinks and reds. You can also use neutral colors (if you do not want to use too much color in your room) on three walls of your room and one bright color on one of the walls to give an outstanding look to the room.

Southwest pottery is versatile and adds substance to the style. You can get these beautiful potteries in various sizes. You can use this decorative piece as a vase for bright sunflowers or as a pretty thing to look at. You can also use this as a canister to keep flour, sugar, or things you generally store in containers.

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Home Decorating Ideas

45Home is your sanctuary, your place to relax in, a place for you to chill. Though, most of us are out of our homes in the day time and come back in the evening after a day’s work, home is the place where we look forward to relax and rejuvenate. Everybody wants their home to look comfortable and beautiful too. Some people like to keep their home in a neater and less cluttered space like the Zen Asian inspired look, while some enjoy throwing different color paints and objects in their house. Everybody wants their place to look nice and comfortable, so here are various decorating ideas which you can use to make your place look beautiful. Here are some interesting ideas for home decoration.

Ideas on Decorating Home

Modern interior decorating is all about clean lines and strong geometrical shapes. Hence, select furniture and light fixtures which reflect a modern design.
Whites are popular in modern home interior painting. However, if you don’t want to go absolute white, then mix two colored themes. You can paint one wall in bright color and other white, or paint half of the walls white and the bottom half of the wall into a bright color like aqua, yellow, dark blue, etc. Make sure you understand the room colors and their meaning, to pick appropriate color for individual rooms.
Though, modern home decor has bold geometrical shapes, avoid too many hard edgy furniture pieces too. Make your home comfortable by picking up large oversized comfortable sofas and chairs.
Last and the least is to add few accents that help to soften the modern look of strong shapes. Add few accents like some houseplants, wooden artwork, a potpourri, a flower vase, etc. This will make your home look more cheerful and beautiful.

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How to Use Curtains as Room Dividers

62Curtains add life to a room, wonder how? Curtains enhance the look of the room by gently dividing the space. This obviously helps when, you want to create individual spaces and you are actually facing a space crunch. A simple curtain hung across the room also helps create a personal space in an extremely luxurious and spacious apartment. Either way, a curtain adds life to an otherwise dull space.
The benefit of using a curtain as a room divider is that, you can move it around as and when you wish. Besides, a curtain does not hinder the ventilation, as well as the light from streaming in, as all you got to do is gather the curtain at one end and tie it up. A curtain benefits those who face extreme space crunch, like those in a dorm, as well as those making do in studio apartments. What a curtained partition in a room does is, it creates individual spaces on either sides, which works well in such situations.

Let’s check out how, we can use curtains to partition one room from another. You can click on the images for a better view.

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Using Curved Sofas and Loveseats

61An important component while decorating the living room is the furniture you choose and its placement. Most people opt for the conventional three-seater sofa with two matching sofa chairs with a coffee table. But this arrangement is a bit plain and boring, and does nothing to enhance the beauty of the living room. Since proper choice of furniture and its layout is essential for giving a room a certain ambiance and look, why not choose furniture which is a little modern and chic. Curved sofas are one of the best investments for a living room, as they look sophisticated and contemporary. They are available in different types of designs and styles, that offer great flexibility in how you decorate the rest of the room.

Contemporary Curved Sofa and Loveseat

As I have mentioned earlier, there are many designs and styles in loveseats and curved sofas. Many people have the false notion that a curved sofa is suitable for only a large living room, and it would look out-of-place in a small room. But that is not true. If you choose the right dimension, scale, pattern, and design, it would look great in a smaller living room too. If the décor of your living room or hallway is modern and minimalistic with straight clean lines, then adding a curved sofa to the room will work very well. A brightly upholstered curved sofa with an armless design would be suitable for such a décor. Since a modern minimalistic room is done up in all neutral shades, a pop of color like sea green, teal blue, or even yellow in the sofa would make the room look more beautiful.

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